Track inventory, Easy to control

Order management

Save Time

Installed in local computer or run with internet web server

Run with browser

Desktop application style / Mobile App style

High user experience

Easy to use, information rich user interface

Sorting, searching, filtering data in a simple way

Data inline editing

Multiple languages support

Currently only English and Chinese

Available to add more languages

Stock Receiving In

  • Stock receiving management
  • Create purchasing order
  • Specify expired date for each product in the list
  • Choose products to purchase
  • Choose supplier to purchase from
  • Same product purchased from different supplier, different price
  • Same product can be put into different places in different warehouse
  • Check what have been purchased


  • See directly into your stock
  • Show each product's stock quantity and amount
  • Sort products by its code and quantity
  • Sort by stock amount per product
  • Check position of the product
  • Check warehouses of the product

Stock Selling Out (Sales)

  • Sales of products management
  • Create sales order
  • Specify selling price, quantity
  • Choose products from stock to sell, only products with stock quantity greater than 0 available
  • Update stock quantity information after the sales order completed
  • Check sales order history

Other Settings


Customer information management


Supplier information management

System user

System user management


Unit of Measurement management

Software Screen Shots

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